by Mother Abyss

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released August 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Mother Abyss Viana Do Castelo, Portugal

Three musicians got together and extracted what seems to be common in their work: sludge with atmosphere with an hardcore vibe.

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Track Name: The King
Lone king raised in blindness. Fed by blood and lies.
Consumed by wounds and haunted by doom.

Holding an hollow crown, forged by his guilt, this forlorn man, was dragged into the gloom.

Red sun rises, over this kingdom. Hoping for the dawn to come, he´s broken inside. Lying in his shelter, he plans revenge.
Track Name: The Queen
Her smile could change seasons. Her words could calm the wind.
The winter becomes eternal. Her wings caught the sky.
Pale skin. Lovely smile. Pierced by the dagger of treason.
Homeless heart. Dead King. Cries of despair.

I’m the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn.
I´ll avenge you. And I still feel you, even so far away.
Track Name: The Killer
Corrupted soul, serving the enemy. Sent to disrupt this one true love.

Demonic feature riding a black horse. Bringing death and despair with him.

Save the Queen !

Ghostly assault. Merciless strike.The ending of eternal oaths made by true passionate hearts.

Extinguished by fire.

The wrath of the widower fulfills his spirit with hate.
Track Name: The Ritual
Carrying this weight. Wearing the cloak of the helpless.
Collecting reasons to kill or be killed.

Forking paths. Growing madness
I´ll make the worms wait. Take them down, rendering them to naught.

Royal ceremony. Sovereign beings kneel.

Carrying my heart to the altar of spirits. Human flesh through sacred flames. Beseeching the hand of the gods to revive her.

Therefore i shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I just want your soul back. Lead me to you.
Track Name: O Fim da História e o Último Homem
Homem é quem tombando apavorado
dá o sangue ao futuro e fica ileso
pois lutando apagado morre aceso.